History of the club

Birth of London Amateur Wrestlers (LAW) – set up in 1996

The London Amateur Wrestlers club was set up by Jek in early 1996 as an initiative to promote the close combat sport of grappling to all enthusiasts irrespectively.

City University AW (CUAW) – set up in 1996

A few months later, Jek together with 3 friends, 2 Freestylers and 1 Brazilian Jujitsu player started Britain’s first university wrestling club in City University.

Birmingham AW (BAW) – set up in September 1997

BAW was set up on application by Steve. Unfortunately this group is now closed.

Kingsway College AW (KCAW) – set up in September 1999

Led by Alison Mahony, Sports Officer, KCAW was set up in August 1999. However due to Alison’s departure and the college’s disposal of its sports hall, this group is now closed.

Manchester AW (MAW) – set up in April 2000

Our submission squad attended a few tournaments in Rochdale, Manchester on invite from David after which this group was set up. This group is now full and not accepting new members.

City & Islington AW (CAIAW) – set up in June 2002

Responding to several students from the college who had trained with Ozgun in Hackney, this group was set up. The group terminated when the students graduated to City University.

Brighton Club – started in Autumn 2007

Bobby, a local Brighton lad contacted Jek about grappling in 2006 – after which both used to meet at Cheetahs for weekly grappling sessions. In late 2007 when interest in the group grew, Bobby contacted Deans leisure centre, starting regular weekly practice sessions.

The club has since moved locations several times, including, Whitehawk Youth Centre and Stanley Deason Leisure Centre.

Thornton Heath in South London, September 2011

After many years at City University in Central London, LAW decided to move its London practices south of the river to Thornton Heath Leisure Centre.

Brighton club ceased (temporarily) – 2012-2013

The Brighton club closed for most of 2012 and 2013.

Brighton club starts up again – Oct 2013

Training in Brighton resumed in October 2013 at The Stables Boxing Gym and later returns to Stanley Deason Leisure Centre.

London training closes – March 2015

LAW in London eventually closed and had its final training session on 28th March 2015. However the club continued to train in Brighton.

An amateur wrestling club that trains in freestyle and submission wrestling