Club Rules

Here is the set of General Rules applicable to all members and guests of LAW and all its affiliated clubs and groups. Where a rule contained here contradicts a similar rule laid out by an affiliate, the former takes precedence. The said affiliate may, of course, appeal to the LAW committee.

Where appropriate, the term “club” mentioned in the text here refers to the London Amateur Wrestlers and all its affiliated clubs and groups.

All members and guests are requested to abide by the rules set here.

A. Housekeeping Rules

A1. Management

All members and guests must:

  1. exercise our club’s equal opportunity status throughout;
  2. abide by all the supplementary rules of each affiliated group/club appropriately;
  3. ensure their membership details are up to date with the club during all association with club activities;
  4. settle all outstanding financial dues owed to the club promptly without being asked.

A2. Conduct

All members and guests must:

  1. conduct themselves accordingly and not bring disrepute to the nature and good name of the club;
  2. refrain from any activities that may affect the club in anyway whatsoever;
  3. accept full responsibilities for all actions and liabilities for all risks and losses;
  4. exercise caution and sporting spirit at all times.

A3. Disclaimer

All members and guests must:

  1. agree not to hold the club responsible and/or liable in anyway whatsoever.

B. Practice Rules

B1. Wrestlers

All members and guests that wrestle must:

  1. ensure that you are healthy and fit enough to participate;
  2. follow the rules governing the particular grappling type you’re engaging in;
  3. ensure the highest level of personal hygiene;
  4. have your LAW identification card with you ready for inspection during all club events;
  5. pay all practice fees (session, insurance etc.) applicable prior to commencement of practice;
  6. ensure all your payments are made in correct denomination;
  7. wear correct practice attire and footwear if applicable as follows:
    1. Olympic wrestling – minimum – groin supporters, shorts, tee-shirt/vest, wrestling shoes
    2. submission – minimum – groin supporters, shorts
  8. refrain from practice if not in fit health;
  9. notify the club immediately if you are suffering from any contagious infection such as ring worm or athlete’s foot;
  10. notify the club in writing if any health issues affects you, such as asthma, prior to practice;
  11. a whistle blow means an immediate halt to anything you are doing in a practice;
  12. ensure your nails are cut back and not protruding;
  13. no artificial body artefacts or jewellery can be worn, such as rings, watches, earrings or piercings;

B2. Anyone attending a practice session

Anyone present must:

  1. follow all supplementary rules in effect at that time;
  2. follow the instructions of the coach & session officer at all times;
  3. do not engage in image capturing (photographs or videos) whatsoever;
    (Important – anyone found capturing images during any practice will be required to surrender their data storage medium under The Protection of Children Act 1999.)
  4. not bring in a turned on telephone;
  5. not commence training without the permission of a qualified coach present

C. Submission & Freestyle wrestling Rules

Rules for submission grappling and freestyle wrestling apply. See our web pages on wrestling styles for Submission Grappling Rules and Freestyle Wrestling rules.

In particular:

  1. only train under the full inspection of your coach, referee or appointed official;
  2. correct practice attire – see section B1 above;
  3. obtain submission by allowing your opponent the opportunity to submit;
  4. prohibited moves include:
    1. any injurious acts such as gouging, fish hooking, flesh penetration, heel hooks;
    2. spinal contraction such as Boston crab, spinal twist, surfboards, back breakers;
    3. grabbing of private body parts;
    4. sudden jerks or extension;
    5. high drops, such as power bombing or pile driving;
    6. grabbing of hair, fingers, attire or any gear worn;
    7. biting of any bodily parts or clothing;
  5. submission is by uttering “submit” loudly or tapping rapidly on opponent or on mat surface;
  6. on a submission, BOTH wrestlers must cease wrestling immediately.

D. Supporters

  1. No spectating is permitted during practice unless permission granted by the club.
  2. If permission granted to spectate, the above rules from sections A and B apply where appropriate.

An amateur wrestling club that trains in freestyle and submission wrestling