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Hatfield Novice Tournament

25th October 1998 @ Breaks Manor Youth Club, Hatfield

  • Matt (LAW) – Gold(Junior 76kg)
  • Ibrahim (CUAW) – Gold(69kg)
  • Lee (LAW) – Bronze(82kg)

LAW & CUAW fielded a squad of 5 wrestlers together with supporters attended this event organised by the Midlands region association. Thanks to Vic and Brian.


21st November 1997 @ City University, London, UK

  • Jek (CUAW) – Gold(76kg)
  • Adrian (LAW) – Silver(69kg)
  • Tom (CUAW) – Bronze(69kg)

Our first organised event for novice wrestlers to have a go. Thanks to Jon Owens for officiating.


22nd June 1997 in Paris, France

  • Adrian (LAW) – Gold(76kg)
  • Jek (CUAW) – Silver(76kg)
  • Roy (LAW) – Silver(82kg)

European interclub tournament. Olympic Freestyle wrestling was on exhibition prior to inclusion in the next games. Well done Yves for organising such a great event!