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Club wins at tournaments and competitions with other clubs and other awards received by the club.

Fishersgate Open Air Tournament

14th September 2002 @ Lea Manor Community Centre, Fishersgate, Sussex

  • Ozkan Dogan (LAW) – Gold (Juniors 66kg)
  • Afrim Tota (LAW) – Gold (Seniors 60kg)
  • John Streit (LAW) – Gold (Seniors 72kg)
  • Gregg Cooke (LAW) – Silver (Seniors 100kg)

This friendly club was at last able to boast their brand new dome shaped “Scandinavian design” club building, though not completed would eventually house a huge exhibition space capable of hosting a full regulation mat, several meeting rooms, two fully equipped changing and shower facilities and the usual service utilities apart from it’s usual outdoor grass field & skating rink. Our club is again honoured to be invited to this angelic south coast town to wrestle.

Paris International Freestyle Tournament

August 2000

  • Adrian B (LAW) – 69kg 2nd

This year, Adrian of London LAW represented our club at this annual event which has proven to become an annual fixture for both social and international wrestling. Adrian again pitted his skills against Michael of Amsterdam and narrowly lost by 2 points to gain 2nd place. Our sincere thanks to our French host and fellow participants for a superb hosting and fantastic event.