Southern Region Tournament

22nd March 2009 @ Deans Leisure Centre, Rottingdean, Brighton, UK

This year, LAW hosted the British Southern Regional Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Tournament.

For this ranked tournament, LAW London put forward Ernesta 21yo and LAW Brighton put forward Bobby 21yo and Alfie 16yo, who have both only starting wrestling for over 15 months. All three guys represented LAW as our squad.

Ernesta who had been wrestling for over 11 years and ranked 8th in the European Greco-roman league obviously had no problem coping! However, this was Bobby and Alfie’s first ranked tournament…

Alfie battled gallantly to clinch his hard earned 2nd placement winning the Silver medal in the Cadet 55kg weight class and Bobby who was determined to take control of his matches wrestled expertly and clinched 3rd placement winning the Bronze medal in the Senior 60kg weight class losing to a very experienced and physically more powerful wrestler.

See our photos below:



LAW Members Competing

Photos of LAW members competing in the tournament:



Matches (all wrestlers and clubs)

Photos from the matches at the tournament, for all wrestlers and clubs:



Warm-ups and preparations

Photos from warm-ups and prepartions before the matches:



The LAW crew

Photos of those who weren’t on the mats, supporting, loitering, organising, filming: