What should I wear for training?

For all styles of wrestling we train wearing sleeveless tops and shorts or jogging bottoms.

As a guest on your first visit, bring shorts or jogging bottoms and a sleeveless top. Make sure your top and shorts are reasonably tight fitting (avoid baggy clothing) and don’t have anything that someone might catch their finger on such as zips, buckles, flaps or loose ties. Remember that wrestling is a close contact sport.

Members should also wear similarly styled shorts or joggers and must wear the club practice tank top.

No swim suits, Speedos, thongs etc. are allowed during practice. If you wish, you can wear a wrestling suit over a tee shirt.


Whilst on the mats you should go either barefoot or wear amateur/freestyle wrestling shoes. Trainers or other types of shoe or boot are not permitted. Wrestling shoes are designed to provide ankle support, have good grip, to not damage or mark the mat, and have no sharp angles that could cause injury.

The club has a supply of wrestling shoes that can be borrowed for your first few weeks, but if you stick with us you should consider investing in your own pair.

Buying your own wrestling shoes

Shoes can be easily obtained from many online suppliers. Online shops selling Mixed Martial Arts or boxing equipment often also stock wrestling shoes.

Adidas is the main manufacturer of wrestling shoes available easily in the UK. Asics also make them, but they tend to only be available in the US.

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