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New to wrestling?

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Media enquiries (photography, film, TV, etc.)

New to Wrestling?

I’ve never wrestled before and am a bit apprehensive

Our club is the only UK club licensed to the BAW that offers a full structured modular training programme for beginners leading to competition first entry level.

I know there are many types of wrestling. What are they?

To quote all wrestling styles would need a website of its own. However, the official Olympic wrestling styles are: Greco-Roman, freestyle and grappling (submission). Take a look at our info on wrestling styles to find out more.

Will wrestling compliment my current lifestyle?
Will wrestling assist / improve / affect my current body?
Will wrestling compliment / improve my current sporting activities?

Wrestling is a powerful sport that involves mental and physical agility, skills and discipline; therefore we can safely surmise that you should experience improvement overall depending on your dedication to the sport.

I’m really interested in Professional wrestling/Shoot/UFC/Self-defence etc. Will your wrestling training help?

Wrestling is the basis to most close combat practices and is used in both military and civilian enforcement training programmes. Even though all the other styles utilises individual finishers to end its bouts, all its essential moves are derived from grappling, the natural basics of wrestling.

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I’m new to your club, what’s it like?

Anyone is welcome. We exercise a strict equal opportunity policy. Our training programme is geared towards wrestlers of all levels from total novice to competition level.

Which wrestling styles are being taught in LAW?

Both the Olympic wrestling styles i.e. Freestyle and Greco Roman and Submission. Submission is like Judo without the gee. Take a look at our info on wrestling styles to find out more.

I got your club’s details from a gay / lesbian magazine / website; therefore you must be a gay club and practice gay wrestling

Our club promotes wrestling to all enthusiasts and welcomes all modes of clean advertising. We cannot control and/or refrain any media from listing our club details. Our club does not affiliate to any political, cultural, religious, sexual preference whatsoever interest groups. As stated, our club only practices Olympic freestyle, Greco Roman and Submission wrestling.

LAW is NOT a gay wrestling club and does NOT practice gay wrestling.

I see several addresses for LAW – what are they?

Please use the contact details that can be found here.

Do not send correspondence to the sports centres at which LAW holds its training sessions.

How come I do not get my telephone calls returned when I asked for it?

We CANNOT return telephone calls. Our club exists on volunteers and we get many calls a week and most requests for return calls are back to mobile phones. As a club, we cannot subsidise our volunteer’s telephone bills. We advise you to get your answers to your questions here or to email us otherwise you would have to keep calling back.

Joining / Membership

How do I join?

You can simply come along to any one of our practice sessions and pay as a guest, have a go, then decide after the session if you want to join us there and then.

This session basically allows you to try out the sport and our club and also allows us to assess your general fitness. There is NO special session or test and you will be with everyone else throughout the practice though you will be treated as a beginner.

See our general practice/membership info for details of our practice sessions. Please call us at least 24hrs in advance to let us know that you are coming to the taster session so that we can inform security. Do NOT just turn up uninvited.

Why all the security procedures and medical information requirements?

Even though LAW ensures qualified coaches (except for submission wrestling), safe practice environments and structured endorsed training programmes, all our endeavours would be useless if the membership consists of unsuitable characters. Anyone who is not prepared to divulge their ID and their residence to the club is not welcome. All LAW members have the right to know who the opponent is and that everyone is insured properly.

Furthermore as wrestling is a close combat sport and even though LAW is proud of our low injury statistics since our birth in 1996, accidents can and do happen. LAW would be able to assist the medical officers with the necessary information.

LAW may request medical certification and other references if deemed necessary.

I’m under 18 years old, can I join?

At our discretion, we welcome anyone who is 18 or above to join and practice with us. Minors of 16 and over can apply for membership only with full written consent from either their parents or legal guardian.

Practice Sessions

What type of clothing should I wear during practice?

See our notes on practice attire.

Are spectators allowed?

Unless you are below 18yo and is practicing under approval from your parents/guardians who are then allowed to spectate, NO spectating is allowed during practice sessions.

Can I take photographs during practice?

No. Any recording device (camera/phone/video camera) will have its exposure media whether (film or digital storage) removed and destroyed and your membership will be terminated without appeal.

Only members who have been given explicit prior authorisation to take pictures for the sole use and benefit of the club are permitted to take photographs.

Can I use my mobile phone?

All mobile phones must be switched off and kept in your kit bag. No mobile phones may be used in the practice area or the changing room irrespective of whether the said phone has a camera facility or not. Contravention of this ruling will effect immediate termination of your membership without appeal.

Will there be someone my age and size?

In wrestling, practice with different partners is an essential training asset. Age and size is not an issue during practice.

I’m a competition wrestler and would like similar experienced wrestlers for me to train with?

Our coaching sessions are taken by qualified, experienced, national and international guest wrestlers and frequently have international competition and experienced guests wrestlers as well as our squad. Obviously we cannot guarantee quality of wrestlers of your choice.

I’m an experienced wrestler and would like to follow my own practice programme

Unless you have permission from the coach, you must follow the practice programme set by the coach at that practice

Who is responsible for what I do during the practice?

You are! Therefore you must refrain from doing any move that you deem to be unduly harmful to either yourself or others in the practice.

Where/when are your practice sessions?

See our training timetable for our normal practice times. However as there may be certain cancellations, you should also check the club website news and also are advised to ring us first if you are a new member.

How will I be kept informed of the club’s activities and news?

Watch the news on this website and also just generally stay in touch and attend regular training sessions!

What hygiene rules are there?

As wrestling is a close contact sport, personal hygiene is of utmost importance. You will NOT be allowed to join a practice if you are deemed to be unfit hygienically. Long hair must be tied up and finger nails must be cut short and no artificial body jewellery may be worn.

As a general rule, a good shower before practice is strongly advised.

How are the practice sessions organised?

As our club utilises both experienced and qualified national and international wrestlers as coaches, it’s entirely left up to the coach involved to plan his/her practice programme. However, the club’s head coach will verify all coaching styles to ensure health and safety issues are adhered to.

Can I choose who I wrestle with?

No. everyone follows the instructions from the coach however you can choose not to do a particular drill or exercise due to your own personal health and safety reasons. However if the coach deems that you are simply choosing what you want to do and with whom you wish to wrestle with only, you may be excluded from the practice and reported to the club council for expulsion.

My religion forbids me to wrestle with the opposite sex

LAW practices a strict equal opportunity policy based on the sport of wrestling only. It is your prerogative to exercise your religious beliefs however if such personal exercises are deemed to be in contradiction to the club’s practice programme, you may be excluded from future sessions.

What are the costs involved?

See our membership fees.

Are there shower and changing facilities at the practice venue?

There is a fully equipped changing room with showers and changing area at the locations where we train. For hygiene reasons, everyone is strongly encouraged to use them!

Who do I make my payments to?
How come I have to bring the correct payment denomination?
Why doesn’t the practice session officer have change?
Can I pay by cheque, credit/debit cards or via any internet payment mode like PayPal?

See our membership fees.

From the link above, you should know the costings that affect you, if not, please ask before you commence any activity. It is your responsibility to offer to pay your dues and it is not up to our volunteers to ask you for your payments. As our practice session officer is already doing us a favour by collecting all our dues, it would be unfair to request them to bring along change too therefore please ensure you have the correct payment denomination.

The club coach will advise in person as to the payment methods he is happy to accept. Cash is generally preferred. Cheques, PayPal or credit/debit cards will not generally be accepted.

Can I get a refund if a practice is cancelled?

LAW does not refund any fees paid.

Medical Issues

I have this rash on my body. Can I still come to practice?
I have a medical condition, will that be a problem?

We are NOT medical practitioners and therefore are not able to answer such questions. Please consult your own Doctor/GP. You are responsible to make sure that you are fit enough for wrestling.

Additionally, you must ensure you have notified LAW about your medical condition as required on your registration form. It is your responsibility to inform your coach at time of practice of any medical condition/s you are suffering from.

What should I do if I’m not well?

You must NOT turn up for practice if you’re not well. It would be helpful if you ring to let us know your ailment and when you will be back.

How Am I Kept Informed?

I came to practice and found it cancelled, why has no one told me in advance?
How do I know when practice is cancelled?
At least someone could have rung to advise me of this change
Why has no one got in touch to advise me?

The club updates members with news and urgent information via mobile telephone text messages (SMS). When you become a member, you are strongly advised to give the coach your mobile number and request to be kept informed.

If you are not happy with anything at all with the club, you are requested to write in to us with your reasons and the committee will look into the issue.

You are requested to get in touch for any queries/practice confirmation as it is impossible for LAW to ring everyone to advise you of a change each time it occurs.

LAW will NOT tolerate anyone abusing any of our volunteers in anyway whatever. Anyone confirmed exercising such actions will be ejected from the club without appeal.

Media / photographer / film etc.

I’m a photographer who wants to film wrestlers
I represent a television company that needs wrestlers/facilities etc.
I’m doing a research on wrestling

All requests to use our club, members and/or facilities must be put in writing and emailed to us in the first instance.
The vetting process takes approximately 3 months unless if you are from a registered charity or another registered FILA licensed grappling group/club.

Please note that any successful application will be subjected to the following irrevocable terms:

  1. LAW retains full rights to all works produced from any involvement
  2. LAW has final approval to all productions before release either privately or publicly

In general our club does not entertain any commercial requests for whatever reasons whatsoever.

Please DO NOT telephone us attempting to short cut our vetting process

An amateur wrestling club that trains in freestyle and submission wrestling