Membership and fees

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Guest trial session – £15

The first time you join us for a practice session, you will paying as a “guest”.

For your first session there is no commitment to join the club, but if you want to continue to train with us after your first session then you must register and become a full member.

Annual membership fees

Club membership is on an annual basis. There is an annual registration cost and a monthly fee for practices. Our fees are set to cover the running costs of the club, principally hire of practice space.

Annual registration fee What your fee pays for
£35 for the first year
(£50 minus the £15 from your first session as a guest)
LAW registration
BCA insurance
Training top
£25 to renew
each year
LAW registration
BCA insurance

You must pay your annual membership fee in full at the beginning of your membership.

As a member you will be expected to abide by the rules of the club.

Training session cost

Attending practice is then paid for in cash if paying per session, otherwise monthly on the 1st of each month in advance by standing order or direct debit. Speak to the club coach for bank details you will need to set this up.

Which training session Cost
Brighton £20 per month
Due before session begins

The cost per month is the same whether you attend one or all training sessions running in the month. You cannot pay per session.

If you do not attend regularly, or do not maintain your monthly payments, you may forfeit your membership. A new membership annual registration fee will have to be paid again to start another membership.

To pay monthly you must be a registered member of the club, however if it is your first time, you can come as a guest.

Who can be a member of our club?

Everyone is welcome to apply for membership.

What do I get as a member?

  • Registration with LAW wrestling club
  • LAW training top (does not apply to renewals)
  • LAW club affiliation and your individual insurance cover for the British Combat Association (BCA) for:
    • 3rd party insurance cover to practice active close combat training under supervision
    • 3rd party insurance cover to compete in any close combat competitions
  • Access to participate in all events of our club and our affiliated groups
  • Privilege discount to all club events and souvenir sales

An amateur wrestling club that trains in freestyle and submission wrestling